Sunday, April 29, 2012

Funny Sports

' And this is how I puff ball! '.

That you for the sweeps!.

You're my naughty!.

Training in the event of a loss??.

Ladushki, ladushki! .

- He is not one of our team!.

- He is not from our club. The slope below!.

Who has steel balls?.

Victory will be ours!.

David and Goliath ).

- He's my!.

- I saw him first!.

What an interesting perspective.

- And I told her so Aw, Snap! .

Ipat, myachiiiiik!.

Sports persistence.

Fuck it is bean soup??.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The facts related to money

a. For a long time, the value of coins was equivalent to the amount they contain metal. In this regard, there was a problem - the crooks cut small pieces of metal from the edges to make them into new coins. The solution offered Isaac Newton, who was a part-time employee of the British Royal Mint. His idea was very simple - cut in the edges of the coins of small lines, because of which stesannye edge would be immediately apparent. This part of the coins issued so to this day and is called the edge.

2. English footballer Ivor Brodis still the youngest player-coach in the history of England Championships. In 1946, when he led the club Carlisle United, he was 23 years old. And 3 years later he sold himself to the club Sunderland for 18,000 pounds - a very serious at the time of transfer amount.

3. In October 2010, Germany completed the payment of reparations for World War I imposed on it under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

4. A few centuries ago, none of the basic monetary unit of the state is not equal to 100 coins. The world's first detsimalizatsiyu held Russia - in 1704 the ruble was equated to 100 kopecks.

5. We are accustomed to that money are only metal and paper. But the money was originally quite a different form. So in Burma until the 20th century were used as money in the salt and tea tile, Mexico - bags of cocoa beans. Also, money in different countries were: tobacco, dried fish, rice grains, corn.

6. Statistics: More than 92 % of Russians keep their money home in cash. On average, every Russian family keeps house 860 U.S. dollars. At the same time 77% of families are worried about the safety of their cash savings, because statistics in Russia every 3.5 minutes is burglary.

7. Russian Book of Records says that our domestic ...

8. The most popular denomination banknote in the world is worth EUR 500. Because of this, last year had increased by almost 2-fold release of bills of 500 euros.

9. In Russia, the most expensive money can be considered the gold coins weighing 1 kg, which the Central Bank publishes one or two times a year. Face value of each such coins - 10 000 rubles, and that's why they need to be made par everywhere!.

10. Best Way dollar bills in the U.S. - 1 and 20 dollars, and in other countries - $ 100.

11. In 1999, Romania has issued polymer banknotes in denominations of 2000 lei, dedicated to the solar eclipse of 1999. The bill is a map showing the locations of Romania, where the eclipse was 100 percent. At the moment of a polymer plastic banknotes put into circulation in Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Western Samoa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Thailand.

12. There were not only round coins. In the first quarter of the 18th century created a copper ruble, which had a square shape. Each side of it was almost 20 centimeters. And the weight of this coin was a half pounds.

13. The leader among the smallest of money in Russia is a long time coming from the treatment poludenga, which corresponded to a quarter and a penny less than 0.2 grams vesivshaya.

14. In 1949, Frank X. McNamara went to dinner with friends. If it did not have enough cash to pay the account. This greatly upset Frank, and he swore to myself that this is no longer with him will. With this occasion Frank had the idea to create a universal credit card. So there was a Diners Club.

15. Banknote of 100 000 $ 1934 model is the largest denomination issued. It is not widespread and has been used for a variety of transactions between banks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Present for girlfriend

подарок на годовщину

An unusual collection of jewelry created by designers of the famous and the oldest French jewelry brand Vionnet. Playing with form, color, materials and proportions created an entirely new creative rings of unusual textures and shapes. As you can see the extravagant collection of rings, bracelets and pendants made ​​of gold, frozen in neobynoy triangular and square shape. I do not know how we would react to such a beautiful gift, but clearly that, with the holidays (the day of St.. Valentina, on March 8, the day of Independence of Ukraine ) is needed to take care of the gift ))).

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

подарок на годовщину

Monday, April 23, 2012

A pair of tasting in honor of moving into a new apartment

Read about Glengoyne single malt. in my case-. blog devoted to alcohol.
Prefer exotic, unusual drinks, then you. here - Beer Kvass.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sisyphean task

Sisyphean task. ( material from. Wikipedia. ).

I want to write a bit about, why we should start a project. Of course, there are projects that are fashionable to raise butstrepingom. But there are projects that no investment is not podymesh. Most of these projects are related to the production of electronics, medicine, nanotechnology, energy, large internet projects. These projects should raise money for mutual funds.

Most of these major projects suffer from two things:.

  1. ... I am a genius and I do not have to. ... This case is considered to be clinical and not considered.

  2. People on their own (or take the team a man who does it ) starts to look complex business models. I call it ... Woe from Wit. ...

Here's the second option, I have encountered over the past two weeks, three ( TRI!!) Times. Very friendly people, very interesting projects. But spend their time more effectively than. This week, I broke up a model. walnut. She was very strong, according to my estimates it spent no less than 50 hours. Just painful to watch the 40 (!) With a sheet in Excel. Yesterday also saw heavy calculations, but they simply can be transformed, so not much time wasted. On Tuesday, I will work with the project. Who also spent some time in vain.

For most authors of such projects is the revelation that investors do not need. They must be quite different.

Where we should start a project. You have to start from the market and users, and then look at the business model.

What is meant by. assessment of market. Two factors - the size and the ability to obtain a significant share. Size, most often understood. Of such markets there is always a Research, Inc., articles, reports, analytics. But the share that you can get more difficult to assess. This implies a perfect knowledge of competitors and the market situation. These estimates are just very important.

Next we need to understand. users. It is necessary to their well- segmented. Knowing your users, good to segmentation, evaluation and understanding of their needs. Immediately after this it is necessary to make broad strokes. go-to-market strategy.

Based on the understanding of the users need to consider. product development. What are the main functions and properties must be realized that the market (consumers) the offer of. There also must be formulated. USP. ( Unique Selling Proposition ), which is desirable to protect the patent or know-how.

After this it is necessary to proceed to the main. construction. Business Model. We need to understand how, why and at what point we will have to pay, what channels of access to consumers will be used.

Possessing these data we estimate. volume of sales. by year. Separately assess the ability to scale. Cost of sales and production must grow much more slowly than revenue from the sale of.

After that, just write. only a few key figures. (30 minutes with a piece of paper, pencil and calculator ). And evaluate how this may be of interest to investors, which. IRR. it can get. Literally on the fingers. We have obtained through a simple answer to the question: '. Can an investor make money here?. 'If. YES. , the. Hurray!. Moving on.

All the data we have. After that, we reduce all the numbers in a document titled. Executi. ve. Summary. project. This document should get a short biography of the team, which is designed to convince investors that the. THEY. can. BUILD A. this. BUSINESS. Such a document should not exceed three pages. And it can be done in a week. Even without the basic training. Internet access and a couple of smart advice from knowledgeable people.


That's enough to start talking to investors. If they skzhut. ... ... In meetings with investors, or simply sammari experts will be updated. And every smallest change will require a Herculean effort to repel it ekselovskih sheets and more sheets, the more work.

I sincerely hope that this post will help to avoid unnecessary tedious, difficult, but, unfortunately, useless work.

I will not spread on the Habr. Zaklyuyut.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday gift

This year, my desires have made about this picture: netbook modem from the Megaphone. The modem I can buy right now, as korporativschik kakbe money and do not mind. But without a Netbook, he does not need me nafeg. A netbook, I watch for a long time. Although he did not particularly want - I go, I rarely last year. But that's like.

Actually the requirements of the netbook:.
- Quick Video.
- Support for XP, even if the default is not worth it, but on the other axis trahatstsa no desire.
- Internet.
- Microsoft Office to work properly.
- If Photoshop is established and will be able to open up and even work - I'll pay with joy.
- Toys category Disciples - I do not play, but suddenly feel an urge.
- Weight of not more than 1. 5kg with the charging.
- The lower wall is not heated as coal in the stove - the work plan, including when he is on his knees.
- Battery life - 3 hours or more of video playback. Well, two films that lacked.
- The price up to pieces bucks.
- Design and pontovost not play any role, but the body must take a punch - the possibility that the body will be constantly tested for strength - is very likely. I'm not one of those who are too accurate to the technique.
- DVD -ROM drive is required. not buy it separately - no desire to.
- Desirable card reader. It just so happened that the camera poke card, not usbshki. but this is a non-critical parameter.
- At least two slots for usb. better yet three or four: mouse, flash drive, and even that the thread.
- Screen size not exceeding 12 inches, 10 inches is even better - it is optimal. I have good eyesight.

What will advise?. I now advise my suppliers (first) Notebook MSI. (U100-444EU - WHITE 10 '' WSVGA (1024x600) / Intel Atom 1. 6 GHz / Intel 945GSE / 2 GB DDR- 667 (1G 1G) / 160 GB SATA / WiFi / BT / Wcam / 1kg). over 19 thousand. rub. and ( second) 12 inch HP for $ 800.

This is important. My MD at the end of April!.

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Any business - a show -business) marketing of new SAP

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The theory of social attraction

The second day I think about this topic. It's time to unsubscribe.

Actually, there is no secret that. people are attracted to each other. So we form a pair, communities, clans. And here we must notice one feature of social behavior -. people always unite around someone. The desire for a more powerful and intelligent embedded in instincts - so primitive people were hiding behind the very strong male with a club, getting out of the cave. And in the legend of Danko people went to a man who pulled out of my chest heart with very to light their way. The tale of the Pied Piper of the Eule - series, I think Luke is not going to.

I call these people. attractors. - Points of attraction. If you want a small center, around which there is a twist, and subsequently formed his own planet. So around the informal leader of the class is always formed an entire clique of his supporters who will stand in solidarity with him and united.

But very few people notice that kind of thing -. Human -attractor can be extracted from the system. Generated around it, and nothing will change. The system will continue to live without it. Examples? . Ulyanov -Lenin was the same man -attractor. Around him, without prejudice to a skuchkovalis without prejudice to themselves ( as individuals ) are so vivid personalities as Kamenev, Zinoviev, Trotsky, Bukharin and others. About morbid love of the people of this individual can not remember. But over time due to illness, Lenin retired and then died. And the attractor is not, and his case was continued to grow.

T. e. the conclusion is simple. Man critical attractor in the system. Created by him, not as a person, and. the idea. Through which to move forward.

The second interesting feature of social attraction in the fact that the original ideological fullness is not so important. Much more important part of the mythological. Continuing on the same Lenin, and no one remembers why he cursed Capitalism. Although he applied a doubt of his arguments against the wall and at the time of utterance - true. But as time passed and it turned out that people are much. important to recognize their involvement. the great Lenin's affairs, rather than delve into what they consisted.

Conclusion number two. : Deeds and thoughts lidela dissolved in society as a medium mythologizing.

What gives attraction to people?. We can say that the idea of ​​the Great Helmsman capture the imagination and turn people's minds. However, if you get to the core of the process of attraction, then this is not true, to be exact - is not so. People initially tend to unite, they just do not always have the strength to find common ground with other people - with one, two, with ten - perhaps. But if we are talking about hundreds or thousands, the mind gives up: it is difficult to imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of friends.

Man -attractor by the way also did not imagine this is too. He did the social position no better than the other. Just this his social position is suited to many, or, more lyrically, finds an echo in my soul, regardless of intelligence level and consistency. T. e. Suddenly the air of an idea and its support, through which the idea at an early stage does not die. And around this idea, as a reference point in social space, begin to turn the unit first, and then the idea of ​​how the virus begins to spread farther and farther away, grabbing more and more people. There are macro and mikroattraktsii at the level of the supporters of the idea. It's quite an interesting process to watch it, if by.

Further, if the idea is interesting and tenacious, the attractor can be safely removed without affecting the system. Because the system does not need a man, and his idea. Actually this is determined by the persistence of ideas, and as such. Few remember the founder bomzhedvizheniya Moneymaker, and the idea of ​​living.

The most interesting is that the attraction is at the micro level: family, couple -. but more on that later. When I try to consider sociopathy, as a way to resolve almost any conflict.

Another question that I asked, and whether the attractors are a special feature in the practical and mercantile purposes. The answer - yes, enjoy. This feature is not hidden from them, and in many ways is their ability not only to earn bread. And foolish not to use what nature has given. My deep imho.

Friday, April 6, 2012

About the tags

Well. For myself, a loved one, said, spoke about politics, business, and now it's time to do.

And though in a strange blog with their tags do not go:) venture is a start tag and. There is a proposal to make tags more relevant - any visitor to this information- rich blog ( a bright future just around the corner. ) Could receive in response to a request for the tag is exactly what he wanted to know.

Consider from this point of view, all three existing tag.

a. ' Organizational issues '. This tag came here first with him and start. It is clear that at present this tag marked records relating to the organization of work of the blog. But it will take quite a bit (I hope ) of the time, the blog has successfully organized and start working - and the new posts on this topic will no longer appear. T. e. tag will cease to be relevant. And if so - he did the fig needed? . Have something in common in these words - it would be interesting to do comparative etymology:). Seriously - there is concern that this particular tag after a while becomes unclaimed.

2. ' TehVoprosy '. Again neponyatka eventually matures. Now, if I went into this blog is not now, when there three records, and, say, a year. Records - googol:), all - scroll - view to read - there is no time. I see the tag ' TehVoprosy ' - oh! . Click - and what we get? .

3. ' AnonsSobyty '. And what's the tag I do not like? . Well, of course, the general problem of the Russian language - we have, on average, the same terms are one and a half to two times longer than their English counterparts (although, perhaps, if the ' counterpart ' - it is likely the French. ). Second, a bit tautological. Well, what else, besides the events, you can advertise on a blog? . The output of new products? . ( c) The Red Sukhov. So, instead of ... And the ...

Well, criticized - and now you need to adjust the linings.

First, we must try to make a shorter tag. For example, the tags ... Then why does not the ... Let us approach the other side. About that now posts tagged with ... So let us replace the ... And about that ... So let's instead of ... About ...

Second, we can ( and probably should) begin to come up with the tags in advance of pace - a had not yet written posts. After just a blog about global. ECM. , Then some clear on what subjects are the notion of tags is broken. And new entrants will be easier: I wrote a post - and once the tag stuck to it, if not the only one....

Third... It would not be here in the post ... Not because there is nothing to say about the tag. And because you want a creative discussion with a large number of participants. Theme - it is quite a ECM- Nye - about metadata, by and large ).

So,. dixi. I'll wait - and new entrants, and new views.

And yes. Well this post is necessary, too, to come up with a tag. And let it be ' tags '. So what? . And it is a relevant, I think) ).

Formula 1 season 2011 German Grand Prix (qualification )

The first in qualifying and will start from pole pozishn. M. Webber.

more ».

Monday, April 2, 2012

About the school

Andrew Troy wondered how I spent my first day of Knowledge. When I was seven years old, this day is not yet so called. It was 1984, I was recorded in the best schools of the city, although, of course, the residents of the Kaliningrad region Chernyakhovsk can argue with me and. I remember before the interview was recorded, but the questions do not remember. I remember that our class - then quite unknown to each other children - stood around one side of fence, in which the ear of mature marigolds.

Not a matinee, or the first lesson, I can not remember. Possibly, then the reigning tradition for us to come to class veteran and said something about the traditions. Most likely, each of us was holding a bouquet of flowers, which gave its first teacher. That's her name, I remember: Ignatyevna. It was the old, hardened in combat with the first-graders a teacher, regularly dyeing his hair in a rare poisonous colors, why they looked like a wig.

In elementary school I was bored. Then the children do not even zadrachivali in gardens and homes, and read - write them in school. For me, who already knew how to, recipe and the study of letters was a real torture. But, thank God, most of the first class, I was sick, that has not stopped me in his letter about the end of a perfect end.

Frankly, I do not really understand the attacks on the institution of schooling. I do not understand the attacks with no alternative. You say something bad - better offer. Today, such a mass of other ways to occupy teenagers do not exist. As well as teach them a sufficient number of skills and knowledge for further development. I guess in this world parents can give their children more, but they are not letting their children to school, it will deprive developing communication skills. Believe me, it is better to get pizdyuley in school and learn how to react to them than to face it in real life.

Although what I. I just happened at school are rarely bored or sad. And now, as I think most of my classmates shared my feelings quite. We suffered together in the music lessons and cut your fingers on the lessons of working together collecting scrap paper and went to the stadium, practicing an exercise for the Victory Day. It was a glorious time. Exchange it for the dreary stay at home or in the yard? .

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Entrepreneurship for the MBA.

An introduction to business for the MBA program.